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Nursery School

Child Care Health Consultants (CCHC) are trained health professionals with education and experience in child health, community health, and early care and education.  CCHC’s provide FREE training and on-site assistance to child care professionals to improve the health, safety, and nutrition of children and prevent the spread of communicable diseases. CCHC’s can partner with child care centers and homes to:

  • Assess the environments for health and safety in child care facilities

  • Develop strategies for inclusion of children with special health care needs

  • Support early educators with preventing and managing injuries and infectious disease

  • Connect early educators and families to community health resources

  • Provide up-to-date information on regulations and best practices

  • Provide health and safety technical assistance and training to include ITS-SIDS, EPR, Handwashing, Diapering, Medication Administration and MORE!

Eligibility Criteria for CCHC Services:

  • Any licensed childcare facility in Bertie, Camden, Currituck, Gates, or Pasquotank Counties that cares for children ages 0-5 years of age.

  • Childcare centers OR homes with provisional or temporary licenses


CCHC’s improve the health and safety of children in childcare programs by:

  • Increasing staff knowledge of health issues in child care settings

  • Increasing compliance with health and safety best practice standards

  • Improving the quality of health and safety policies and practices, including handwashing, sanitation, and safe sleep practices

  • Increasing the number of children who receive oral, developmental, vision, and hearing screenings and assessments

  • Improving children’s access to a medical home, enrollment in health insurance, and up-to-date immunization status

  • Strengthening environmental health practices

  • Promoting the inclusion of children with special health care needs

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