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Everything seems easier when your child is safe and in good care!  That’s what we strive to provide for you at Success Academy!  You can rest easy knowing that your children are safe, well cared for, and having fun!  Success Academy is open to children ages 2-12.  Our classrooms have fun, engaging and inclusive environments, that allow individualized learning experiences to meet the needs of your child!  Whether you need full time care, NC Pre-K, or before and after school care, we can help!


Our center is open Monday-Friday from 6:30am-6pm and is located at 151 Gumberry Rd in Camden.  All of our programs are designed to enrich your child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and intellectual growth and development.  The programs are conducted by caring, trained child care teachers that are responsive to the unique needs, abilities, and interests of children and are trained to foster a sense of trust, independence, and responsibility within each child through respectful interactions.


We are also a 5 star center…..what does this mean? The North Carolina Division of Child Development instituted the star-rated licensing program as a way to offer parents more information on the quality of available child-care options. All licensed child-care centers receive a star rating, with one star being the minimum.  We obtained the maximum, which means that we have voluntarily met higher standards for program quality and staff education.

SA Parent Handbook


NC Pre-K Application


Summer Camp

Please communicate any donations to the Director of SA.  Donations will be to Albemarle Alliance for Children and Families

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